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Leave your accounts headache to eSTATEpLUS

gLEDGER is an online General ledger system. This forecasts your business by providing you up to date financial statements.


  • Scalability and Security.
  • 4 level Chart of Accounts.
  • Cash Payment/Receipt.
  • Bank Payment/Receipt
  • Adjustments (JVs)
  • Bank Reconciliation.


  • Vouchers Reports
  • Accounts Ledger
  • Bank book statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • User login history (for Administrator)

Deployment Packages

  • Web based on hosting server.
  • On your own public dedicated server.
  • On our centralized server.

Maintenance and Support

  • Training.
  • Reserve online space for your data.
  • Backup your data on daily basis.
  • User setup including (new user, forget password).
  • Online and phone support (24/5).
  • Closing at the end of year.
  • Recovering deleted Vouchers.


Coaching Information System

Introduction to the Application

The system is built keeping in mind the requirements of a school and/or a coaching academy. The concept is based on cloud architecture and manages different branches of a school/coaching academy. The benefit of using this approach is that as many branches can be added to the system at any point of time. Branch addition is seamlessly done. Different branches are controlled individually.

Potential Roles

Different potential roles and the activities they perform within the domain of the system are as follows.

Vendor Administrator

  • Branch configuration
  • Database routing configuration

Branch Level Administrator

  • Manage users (Teachers, Students and Parents)
  • Manage courses
  • Manage student enrollments
  • Manage test information
  • Manage class and test schedules


  • Edit Preferences
  • Manage course outlines
  • View class schedules
  • View enrolled students
  • View accounts information
  • Manage students’ attendance
  • Publish notices
  • Send private message to the guardian


  • Edit Preferences
  • View class schedules
  • View attendance
  • View results
  • View notice board
  • View accounts information


  • Edit Preferences
  • View child’s progress (attendance, exams)
  • View class schedules
  • View notice board
  • View accounts information
  • Send private message to the teacher

Features Description

Bellow you will find an overall description of the system. This can be enhanced and modified according to the requirements.


  • Teachers will be managed branch wise, each teacher can teach on different branches and different subjects.
  • Each teacher has different percentage of income for different subjects. Need to clarify.
  • Employee or teacher can be awarded some extra allowances. What type of allowances?
  • Salary receipt for teacher will be generating by summarizing the amount of different branches and making a single net income. According to our cloud model, we would suggest to isolate each and every branch and to keep the accounts separate in order to reduce the complexity for the Branch Level Administrator.

Teacher Management

  • Teacher can view their class schedule.
  • Student class records and test records will be maintained and regular emails will be sending to the parents and student themselves.

Student Management

  • Student will be managed branch wise by ensuring that a single student can take classes in different branches. If any student is enrolled in more than one branch then every branch will consider him/her as a unique entity and branch specific ID’s will be assigned on the registration card.
  • Student class records and test records will be maintained and regular emails will be sending to the parents and student themselves.
  • Student can view their class schedule, attendance, results and fee details online

Test and Schedules

  • Admin / operators can make schedules for the classes and teachers and record all test details. Usually test results are managed by the teachers, do you want this functionality in teacher’s role as well.
  • Test and class schedule will be viewed by the only applicable students/guardian

Mail Merge

  • System should offer facility to print the names and address of the students to envelops.

Notification Service

  • All details regarding student absent, test details and other announcements will be sent via SMS to the guardian mobile and student mobile number. There are two types of SMS solutions available in the market i.e. device based and subscription based, need to discuss on the selection of any one. Anyhow the system is designed in such a way so as to accommodate both types of solutions any time.


There is a comprehensive reporting module present as well which caters to all kind of reports that can be generated from the system. Reports may vary as per the need or requirement of the client. Right now CIS is generating the following reports

  • Teacher List
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Course Wise Fee
  • Fee Memo
  • Defaulter List
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Test Result
  • Employee Report
  • Pay Slip

Technical Details

  • ASP .NET Scripting
  • C# .NET as a code behind language
  • Java scripts for client side
  • Adobe Suite for rich interface designing
  • Macromedia Suite for interactive Webpage design
  • SQL – Server 2005 for database